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A Thousand Splendid Suns

This was my favourite read of 2010. Another random pic which I had heard about immensely over the past recent years but had overlooked it since the story of 'Kite Runner' didn't appeal to me. It's the backpacker book holes in Asian tourist joints that really get me picking up the classic gems, and this novel is a must read! 

It's often said to be the female version of the 'Kite Runner' but after viewing the movie (not reading the book) I have to disagree. 

It tells the story of two women and how their lives become intertwined. It's set in the unknown backdrop of Soviet Afghanistan and Khaled Hosseini does an incredible job weaving facts into his fiction, which of course does reflect stories of these people.

His writing is exquisite and enjoyable to read. He has a way of making the reader really feel his characters, and throws in a dash of Iranian literature to once again, tie it all with the cultural perspectives.

Although the novel centers around two women, Laila and Mariam, it's the secondary characters which bring the main characters to life so they are just as important. This novel makes the reader understand a woman's place in this world, especially among the opposing views of the traditional vs. cultural society. I was left aching with misery for the women, and grunting with anger at men.
Of course this might sound cliched, but through facts the author presents the situations for what they really are - this is the existence of these people.

In midst of it all lies an innocent and pure love story that makes your heart grieve.
I can't get enough of this novel, what a wonderful read!

I'm eager to see if the movie fares well to the novel.


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Jan. 21st, 2011 06:34 pm (UTC)
I legitimately cried when I finished this book. It just really touched me deeply and left me feeling so incredibly grateful for all the things I have in my life as well as all the opportunities I have despite my sex/gender.

I felt like this book was much stronger than The Kite Runner because Hosseini does a much better job of weaving fact into the fiction and making his PSA about the situation in the middle east that many parts of the world are ignorant to. I felt like The Kite Runner clubbed you over the head with it and it really detracted from it as a novel.

Glad to see someone else also greatly enjoyed the novel!
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