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PIFF 2010 #2 - Kites


I had to see a Bollywood flick, and this was one of the 2 screening this year (the other being Ravaan which I had already seen this summer). There must be some liking to Hirthik Roshan in Korea since last year they screened Dhoom 2, another blockbuster and definetly not the best representation of Bollywood. This year it was Kites, another production catered at the NRI's (non-resident Indians), taking away the essence of what Bollywood should be about.

The female lead of this movie was a Mexican, Barbara Mori. Granted she fit the role of a Mexican alien in America, it was bizarre to see a typical Indian love story unfold between an Indian and a Mexican, especially with the language barrier. 

As the plot unfolds the audience is taken on a chase throughout the Nevada desert which makes for great visual entertainment. However the story is flawed - it is impossible to understand how 2 people who can not communicate can fall in love in a short time, to the point of throwing everything they worked for away. It's a typical 'get rich quick scheme' that unites and backfires on them, describing the real nature of the American dream for most immigrants. 

The backdrop of Nevada and Mexico is refreshing, but I did miss the lack of Hirthik's dance moves in this movie. Hirthik looks stunning as always, and plays his part well. Barbara is a well-known Mexican telenovella actress and seems really comfortable on screen. She is gorgeous and fits her role. Overall it is some-what entertaining, but more on the Hollywood scale than Bollywood. There were a few times throughout the movie I contemplated leaving, seeing that the ending was predictable.

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