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PIFF 2010 #1 - Here Comes the Bride

 I finally got to watch a PIFF film at the outdoor theater this year. It felt like being at a drive-in. At times I'd get chilly, and wonder why is the A/C on.. then look up and see the stars and be reminded where I was. I wish I could watch movies at an outdoor theater ALL the time!!

The 1st flick I saw for PIFF this year was a Filipino comedy.

Starring Angelica Panganiban, John Lupas and Eugene Domingo. Directed by Chris Martinez.

It is the adult version of 'Freaky Friday' where 5 souls are swapped during a solar eclipse, the day before a beach wedding. The setting on the beach in the Philippines is beautiful itself. It was also interesting to see the different cultures of the country represented through the characters (rich, poor, homosexual, educated). The diverse personalities and  various ages of the 5 main characters makes the story entertaining as well. This setting causes a lot of tense confusion and wonderful moments.

The acting in this movie is superb! Tagalog is a mix of English and Spanish and it's easy to pick up (there were subtitles though). Angelica is beautiful and her beauty and acting shine on the big screen, she portrays the naive and sweet bride perfectly!

Although the story is simple and basically a re-creation, using these unique characters is what gives it it's edge. There were parts I found myself laughing out loud, and that's when you know that it's a real comedy!

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